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*NEW* Camo Add-A-Patch Extreme Magnetic Morale Patch Holder

*NEW* Camo Add-A-Patch Extreme Magnetic Morale Patch Holder

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All Items Are Made to Order, Please Allow 3-5 Business Days to Manufacture

The new Camo Add-A-Patch is the perfect way to add morale patches to your gear that doesn’t have loop Velcro on it.

Add-A-Patch is held in place by strong N35 Neodymium bar magnets which are "easily" removable and won’t cause damage to your gear.

Each Add-A-Patch contains a set of Neodymium magnets on the loop side as well as on the attachment plate to provide an extremely secure hold.

A pull tab is integrated into the attachment plate to assist in separating the two pieces. Sliding the magnetic plates apart works better than pulling them apart.

Four sizes are available:

- 3" Circle
- 2” x 2” square (Small)
- 2” x 3” rectangle (Medium)
- 3” x 4” rectangle (Large)

All colors of the Camo Add-A-Patch will come with a 1000D Cordura-covered magnetic backer with a gray-colored 1.5" polyester pull tab. 

Add-A-Patch creates an extremely secure hold with the multiple magnet plates, the 2" x 3" patch has more than 18 pounds of magnetic strength! Add-A-Patch is not permanent so care must be taken to ensure you don't lose your favorite patch!

If you are interested in a custom color combination, feel free to message and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Extra items pictured (morale patches, bags, etc.) are to give an example of how the product works and are not included with purchase.

Disclaimer: Neodymium magnets we sell are very strong. They must be handled with great care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets. Fingers and other body parts can get severely pinched between two attracting magnets. Neodymium magnets are hard and brittle. They can chip, crack, or shatter if allowed to slam together.

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